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nocturnal marine animalsSea cucumbers are a species of invertebrates underneath the phylum Echinodermata much like sea stars and sea urchins. Shallower coves and bays where rocks have been pounded into pebbly beaches by the force of the ocean may seem uninhabited at first, but are residence to numerous unusual species, as are the few sandy seashores, which are covered in quite a lot of sediments, sand, silt and organisms, relying on diving depth.

To be able to perceive the broad effects of pure moonlight on nocturnal creatures, the crew organized the effects into the categories of copy, communication and foraging/predation, and addressed each of these categories across a wide range of animal teams.

Surrounded by darkness and suspended 1500 metres above the sea floor, flashes of light encompass us. The surreal scene arises not from our torches, however from plankton which have developed to glow in the dark creating pure light, also called ‘bioluminescence’.

Fish are the obvious group of marine animals which live in British seas, but their giant numbers and breadth of diversity when it comes to species is incessantly overlooked — maybe due to the all too real headlines within the news concerning the collapse of business fish stocks due, amongst other causes, to extreme over-fishing.

Bali is the dive website we’ve chosen for this exciting and superb expertise, its protected bay allows us to admire with safety the nocturnal marine life that comes out” through the hours of darkness, akin to: Octopus, Lobster, Morey, and plenty of others.