Taking care of newborns on the right way


After 9 months and 10 days of hard pregnant, mothers are holding the little angel on your arm at present. Perhaps, you feel worried about how to take care of the loved baby the best. If you are concerning to this problem, you can consider these following objects which will have many benefits for you.


The environment cares of infants

With the perfect living environment inside the womb, from the cradle, the body temperature of infants could not regulate to adapt to the external environment. From the cradle, the body of infants is sticky amniotic fluid with the impact of lower air temperatures. This one easily leads to hypothermia. Therefore, it should immediately wipe with a dry cloth from head to toe and keep warm for infants.

In several cases, since the health condition of mothers is not good, they do not concern their baby so much. The neglect in keeping the warm for the baby causes the blood which supplies oxygen to the brain irregularly; even, the body of infants is not warm enough. As a result, the skin of infants gets cyanosis and other unfortunate cases. There are many ways to keep warm for infants when they were born such as comforters, towels, heating, etc.

Giving supplementary nutrients

You should breastfeed as soon as it is possible because mothers were secreting colostrum in these first days. This one helps the infant ensure the comprehensive development as well as the best immune system. The composition of milk changes within 2 to 3 days. The phenomenon of changing milk usually occurs on day three. It related to the weight gain of infants.

Cleaning the respiratory system

It is also essential in the care of newborns. You need to have to be nasopharyngeal ventilation, mucus suction in the nose and throat of babies from the cradle.

The hygiene for infants

During the pregnancy, infants are surrounded by mother’s amniotic fluid layer and go through the uterus, so the body of infants was very greasy and bloody. Therefore, medical staff will wipe the body of the baby with a soft towel before they heat the baby in cotton cloth. You can also use a wet cloth but warm to wipe the baby.

After birth, cutting the umbilicus is an important object for the health of infants. It must use the instruments which were sterilized at 120ºC for 30 minutes. During the navel has not fallen, you must change a bandage which is streamed the sterility daily. In addition, you have to keep the baby’s navel that is always dry. If you see it wet, bloody or pus, you should immediately take the baby to the hospital.

The vaccination and the treatment

After birth, the baby need to be determined sex and detected external abnormalities. It is noticed that the baby has the anus, the reflex and the operation of muscles better or not. Doctors assessed the health status of infants through Apgar score after 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.

Several vitamins are especially important for infants that you need to have to notice such as Vitamin K1 (can inject or drink), Vitamin D, etc. Vitamin K1 helps avoid the risk of bleeding at the navel, intestine, stomach, lung, brain, and so on. With Vitamin D, the baby should be drunk as directions by your doctor (800 to 1200UI/day). Moreover, the baby ought to be immunized BCG in the first month after birth.

In brief, mother’ health is the key for the health of your babies. Therefore, mothers should eat enough ingredients such as meat, fish, egg, vegetable and fruit. In addition, mothers need to drink plenty of milk and water; even, it properly rests.






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