Secret of taking care of the newborn daily

From the cradle, the newborns need to be taken care of their parents. Therefore, mothers should regularly spend much time for caressing and playing with the baby in order to create relationships between members in your family any more.

  1. The supplementary nutrients

Mother’s milk is a source of great nutrients for infants. During the first 6 months, the babies are mainly provided the source of nutrients by breast milk.

You need to have to remember that the healthy mothers are their babies who are also healthy, so mothers need to have the reasonable diet and the appropriate resting. If you conform to the principles of the maternal nutrition, you can secrete about 1.5 to 2 liters of milk per day.

A few of foods or drugs affect the lactation ability of mothers. However, mothers should limit the use of medicine because it can affect the quality of breast milk. If mothers are not enough milk for infants, the infant can be fed powdered milk. In addition, you ought to remember that the baby needs to drink a few teaspoons of water to clean his/her mouth after drinking milk.

At that time, the baby needs a great deal of nutrients to bring up his new body. Consequently, he/she need to be fed several times in day (at least 8 times) and at night. Mothers should breastfeed both two sides from side to side and the change in the next times.

After feeding milk, most infants are easily regurgitated. To reduce vomiting, after breastfeeding, mothers should hold the baby in standing from 5 to 10 minutes until the baby burped. Besides, you can also put the baby who lies on his side. This one will also help reduce the vomiting.

  1. Ensuring the hygiene when taking care of the baby

The supplementary nutrients to infants are important. Nevertheless, you are never neglected the hygiene for the babies when taking care of them. You remember to bath the baby every day. It is noticed that you should bath your baby after the cradle so that the skin of infants is dry.

In addition, the skin of infants is very sensitive; especially, with cosmetics. Therefore, you ought to avoid using the soap of adults to bath for the babies because it can harm for the skin of babies. You should utilize the soap for the baby. It is noticed that you avoid having a brisk rub when bathing your baby; instead of rubbing with a soft towel.

Besides, you have to care of the umbilical for the newborn daily. The best is several times in day. In the cases, it is sticky feces or urine. You ought to clean the umbilical by chlorhexidine which is the best. You should also open the umbilical band early.

Even, all hygiene kits and health care must be sterilized with the right standard. At present, you were dads and moms who ought to carefully observer the expression on the body of the baby so as to detect the signs of infection and treatment timely.

Moreover, the infants are easily affected by the environmental temperature, so you need to keep the warm for the baby when it is cold. With the hot weather, you create cool for the baby. Many parents are too worried about the health of their baby, so they usually put the baby in the private room or the tight warping. Like that, on the contrary, the baby easily gets heat rash or even fever because of keeping warm too much.

The infants should be worn the kind of cloth which is made of cotton fabric because it is enough warm and prevent hypothermia (the body temperature of the baby from 36ºC – 37ºC). The temperature in room of the infant is at 28ºC – 30ºC. In addition, it have to be cleaning, the warm, and without the draught. The most important object, parents should frequently change diapers for your baby in order to avoid the rash in groin.

A few other notes, you should expose the infants to the sun from 15-20 minutes every day (before 8 a.m). Besides, you should also massage for the baby about 10-15 minutes after bathing to circulate blood vessels.



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