Maintaining the body temperature for newborns

Maintaining the stable body temperature helps infants grow healthy. On the contrary, the body temperature changes suddenly or regularly which will cause your baby to have a fever or many serious problems about the health.

Maintaining the body temperature and health of the baby

The normal body temperature of infants is from 36 to 37 degrees. This temperature helps maintain the normal metabolism. In infants, the functions of maintaining the body temperature are very limited. Therefore, when the temperature changes beyond self-regulation of the body, the baby can get the fever or the sudden hypothermia.

It makes cool by sweating in infants that is also quite weak and even unstable. Therefore, when the weather is too hot, the body temperature of babies can rise up 40ºC. This one is able to cause seizures. You need to have to notice that the skin of babies will be hot and red; even, they begin sweating, increasing both the heart and the breathing rate which cause respiratory distress and dehydration if their temperature is over 38ºC. In the winter, the low temperature may also cause the baby’s skin to swell. In addition, the body temperature of infants can easily change because of these following reasons:

  • With infants, the best is babies with weak health or premature babies whose layer of fat under skin is very thin, so the ability of retaining heat is poor. In the winter, they are easily cold.
  • The infants easily get hypothermia, cold and weight loss with the cold weather because the ability limited in adjusting the body temperature of them. There is a reason why parents need to have to keep warm for your baby in the winter.

  • The babies are not breast-fed who have weak resistance as well as malnutrition because mother’s milk is a source of nutrients and the best resistible for babies under 6 months. This is one of the reasons that these babies easily get serious hypothermia; even; it leads to getting infection and malnutrition.

All these above objects are affecting to the health and the development of babies. Consequently, maintaining the suitable body temperature for baby is extremely important.

How to maintain the stable body temperature for infants

According to experts, in the winter, parents need to ensure the body temperature of babies which is not low. The temperature in house should be maintained at 25ºC – 28ºC. You can turn on the air condition or ventilation system in order to maintain this temperature in room. You should also equip with heating equipment to help the baby’s hands and feet which do not get cold. It is noticed that avoid dressing too tight for babies. Moreover, indoor humidity ought to be maintained from 60% – 65%.

If the outside temperature is below 10ºC, you should wear cotton-padded jacket. When the temperature from 10 – 15ºC, the babies need to be worn a coat and covered with a blanket. With temperatures from 16 – 21ºC, you only need to wear the warm material immediately.

In the summer, you should prevent the body temperature of babies who can be too high. With temperatures from 29 – 30ºC, you need to wear the sweat shirt but it has to be long enough to cover the abdomen of the baby. When the temperature from 30 – 35ºC, the baby ought to wear cool clothes and avoid contacting the sunshine. The babies also need to be avoided playing with great intensity or use too much energy.

When the baby is crying, parents should see clothes or temperature which has caused the upset or no. When you baby get fever (from 38ºC), you need to adjust the temperature in room, take off clothes, wipe the body for the baby, and avoid the wind.

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