How to Bathe Your Own Persian Cat at Home

Cats are one animal that is afraid of water, however, cats must also be bathed to make the cat look clean, especially persian cats that have very dense fur and they also have limitations to clean themselves, and what are the consequences if cats Your pet is not bathed? It is clear that your cat will be susceptible to diseases, especially fungi on their skin, so that your cat must be bathed, even though they are afraid of water.

In my opinion, bathing the cat is difficult because of the nature and aggressive nature of the cat, even though the cat is the same type, there are fighters and some are silent while holding on.

The equipment that you must prepare before bathing the Persian cat is

1. Buckets or other water containers (use medium size)
2. Brush your teeth
3. Special soap or shampoo for cats
4. Catton bud or other ear enhancer
5. Comb specifically for cats
6. Scissors
7. Towel (if you can prepare a spare towel)
8. Brower or hair dryer (to dry hair)

We recommend that before you bathe your parsi cat, you must first clean your cat’s ears using a catton bud or other ear cleaner, comb your cat’s hair with a comb and remove any dirt that sticks to your cat. then see if your cat’s hair is wrinkled or twisted just cut with scissors. when it’s finished and clean at this early stage, now you can start bathing your cat. (This initial stage if you don’t do it doesn’t matter either because you can still do it later when your cat is bathing, but preferably before you bathe your cat see if there is a tangled fur, especially if your persian cat has a long fur.)

How to bathe a Persian cat

The first step
Use warm water to bathe. use a shower or you can also use the bailer to wash the cat, flush it slowly so that your cute cat isn’t surprised and run away, pay attention and try to keep the water from entering the cat’s eyes, ears or nose.

Second step
If the cat’s body has been wet evenly, use soap or shampoo that is made specifically for cats, gently rub the shampoo into the cat’s hair. use a toothbrush to clean in narrow areas such as the toenails and fingernails, underarms and other parts.

Third step
If you feel clean enough, you can rinse your cat’s hair in a dirt until it is clean from shampoo. when your cat is calm enough when you bathe it, you can soak your cat with warm water, so the shampoo can disappear properly. if you want to soak, be careful with the head of the cat, don’t go to the water, then why are you doing it again.

Fourth step
If you have, try squeezing the fur a little to reduce the water content that sticks to your cat’s hair, don’t tighten it up and don’t pull the fur and this can only be done if your cat has long fur. after that, immediately use hansuk to dry it, if the short-haired Persian cat just uses a towel. If the Persian cat’s hair is still dry, use another towel to dry it to dry.

Fifth step
To dry completely and maximally, use a hair dryer or blower. remember, do not use a hair dryer with maximum strength because of fear that the cat will be scared and can stree. You can dry your cat in its cage if your Persian cat can’t stay still and move around.

Sixth step
Take a look at the palm of your cat, if it is filled with feathers, cut off the feathers, this is done so that your cat’s palms are clean, and when the cat walks around, it is not easy to get dirty.