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Once you have a baby, it is essential to find a suitable means of carrier because you simply cannot hold your baby 24/7. After all, you need time to sleep, eat and take care of other business. Many people prefer using slings so that they can keep their babies close to them. One type of sling that has been gaining popularity these days is the ring sling, which is comprised of a wide, durable cloth to form a cloth cradle for the baby and two strong rings for locking the sling. You can read review about best ring sling to know more information about the best models available on the market. In this guide, you will learn the most basic knowledge about the ring sling:

1. How Does It Work?

In a ring sling, the cloth is generally wrapped around the mom’s (or even dad’s) body; it goes from the shoulder to the hip at the opposite side and against comes back to the shoulder. One end of the cloth/fabric is sewn into two rings (normally made of durable plastic or steel); the other end (the loose end) is thread through the ring with enough tension to hold the fabric (and its weight) in place and distribute weight across the shoulder and the back.
It is possible to carry the baby against the front, on the hop or on the back with a ring sling but holding the baby in an upright position proves to be the best option.  A ring sling can be used for newborns and toddlers.
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2. What Are Its Benefit?

There are various benefits in using a ring sling as follows:
  • The wearer can tend to the baby all the time
As opposed to using other methods of carrier (like strollers),  a ring sling keeps the baby very close to the wearer’s baby; that is why the wearer can notice if the baby needs something and tend to it as soon as possible. Noting is better for a mom when her baby is happy and cries less. Plus, the bond between a baby and the parents can get stronger as they experience things together.
  • It is easy to removed
The ring sling’s fabric forms a very nice and comfortable cradle for the baby. You can easily loosen one end of the fabric and remove the sling without waking the baby up; after that you can put the baby in a crib or bed as you wish.
  • It is highly portable and convenient
A ring sling is no way as bulky or heavy as even the most lightweight stroller.  It is adjustable can be folded and kept in a handbag, which makes them great for travel. There is nothing difficult in using this type of sling: you can master its use after only several tries. Plus, it is convenient (and discreet) for mothers to feed their babies in the ring sling
  • There are so many designs, styles, materials, and colors to choose from
Mind you, ring slings can look really fashionable and cool. If you think they are boring, you are wrong for sure.
Take note that a ring sling needs to be worn properly or there can be strain on the wearer’s shoulder.

3. How to Choose A Ring Sling

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Make sure you consider the following factors in buying a ring sling:
  • Types of shoulders
The two most popular types of sling shoulders are gathered shoulder and pleated shoulder, both allow the fabric to spread well across the wear’s back and shoulder. Other less common options are box pleat shoulder and hot dog shoulders
  • Size
Depending on your body size and how do you want to carry the baby (front, hip or back), you should choose the appropriate size.
  • Fabric 
There are lots of options for ring sling fabric: it is a matter of preference and budget. Do you want to go for premium skills or the popular cotton, linen, and cotton/linen materials are enough for you? Obviously, the chosen material must be non-toxic so natural materials are preferred. The material’s thickness and durability must be considered along with the sling’s weight limit.
The best fabric material should be the one with adequate thickness, support and softness against the baby’s skin. Also, it should be cool enough.
In case you purchased a used ring sling, make sure you check its conditions very carefully. One last note: making your own ring sling is not very difficult so why not spare sometime at the weekend for this little DIY project? You can save cost and use the fabric/pattern you love. Just purchase a piece of woven fabric with adequate size and strong rings to work with. In terms of instruction and design suggestions, you can find plenty of them online.

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