6 ways quickly overcome the situation which spit up milk of infants

Infants are often spitted up milk or vomited. There are common conditions which cause parents to be worried extremely. Normally, parents only need to pay attention and change the lifestyle and eating habits of babies. At that time, this situation will be improved. Here are the most effective ways in order that parents can overcome the situation of spitting up milk or vomiting in newborn babies:

Keeping your baby upright posture after breastfeeding


With newborn babies who are often spitted up milk or vomited, the basic principle is that hold the stomach of babies down. Mothers ought to put your baby who sits on your thighs. In addition, the baby’s head lean against your chest. Mothers should keep this position for 30 minutes after breastfeeding.

The baby frequently eat with small dosage

Let’s allow the baby to eat with the double times but the amount of milk should reduce a half. Milk goes into the stomach with a small amount which will help the baby digest easily and quickly. Even, he/she can avoid vomiting.

Putting the baby who sleeps in comfortable position


If your baby still sleeps well, you needn’t to change his/her position. However, with newborn babies who are spitted or vomited, they often wake up a middle night because the baby lies on his/her back. This one does not create necessary gravity so as to keep food down.

Let’s put the baby lying on the left side. The entrance of the stomach is higher than exit of the stomach. Like that, foods will not be reflux up.

However, if the baby was sleepless or restless (or even awaking, crying, belching and sour breathing), mothers should raise one side of cribs with the angle of about 30 degrees. This slight tilt will help reduce the ability of spitting up milk of babies at night.

The baby lie on his/her back which is the safest position. Consequently, if the baby is not able to sleep in this position, mothers ought to soothe him/her who turns to the left. The entrance of the stomach is higher than exit of the stomach. Like that, foods will not be reflux up.

Keeping off cigarette smoke


Absolutely, the baby needs to have to keep of cigarette smoke. It can cause the baby to vomit more serious because smoke stimulates the body which secretes acid – gastric juice in the stomach.

Loosely wearing diaper for newborn babies


Mothers should loosely wear diaper for babies in order to decrease the pressure on the abdomen of babies. Mothers also need to remember that do not change diaper for babies after breastfeeding. Since mothers have to put infants who lie on their back when changing diaper. Like that, it easily leads to vomiting.

Changing the density of formula

If your baby is drinking formula, mothers ought to reference to your doctor about making the condensed formula more appropriate. Although more condensed formula will reduce the number of times that the baby spits up milk, mothers should not arbitrarily change the formula milk for infants without the consent of the doctor.

If these methods did not still reduce spitting or vomiting in infants, mothers ought to take them to the doctor so as to treat timely.

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